5 things to avoid missing: February 2016

Compiled by The Compilation Team!

Events, activities and entertainment this month in the Bass Lake Beacon area:

(Feb. 27)
(Feb. 27)

Feb. 6: “Big Annual Chili Cookoff,” noon-3 p.m., community hall, uptown; fee to enter and fee to taste and fee to judge.
Feb. 9: “New Hampshire Primary Democratic Party Party 2016,” hosted by town council member Enos Felger (D-Dave’s House), 7 p.m. until “over,” Dave’s House; bring a beverage or joint-resolution to pass.
Feb. 11: XXXVth annual Bass Lake Elementary School Fifth-Grade Presidential Biography Contest, after lunch, multi-purpose room, elementary school; cheer-squad captain: Shauna (Last Name Withheld).
Feb. 13: Bass Lake Community Valentine’s Day Dance, no set start time, Bass Lake Community Valentine’s Day Dance Hall, aka Bass Lake University concourse (or community hall indoor picnic area).
Feb. 27: Book-signing for “How (I Became Mayor Someday),” by Guy Soundguy, mayor of Bass Lake and audio-expert for Local Cover Band (ghostwritten by Al Schwartz, edited by Forrest Bunkard, illustrated by Emilee Van Dickinson, foreword by Skippy Jenson); 2-4 p.m., Bass Lake Public/Private Library; appearance by author not guaranteed.
Feb. 28: Leap Year-Day Eve celebration, 7:45-11 p.m., Funky’s on the Bayou; music by Local Cover Band Jr., Calendar-Adjustment Orchestra and Weren’t/Not Weren’t.

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