Second-grader bummed about bounce-house

By Max Fontaine | Hard news school-beat reporter

bounce house
Some B.L.E. students had fun with a recent bounce house activity. At least one student, however, didn’t. (Displeasure did not involve student pictured).

Shauna (Last Name Withheld), 8, told the Beacon this week she was “(extremely) disappointed” with the “bounce house” at a recent end-of-school-year party at Bass Lake Elementary.

“I was (all excited about) bounce-house,” Shauna said. “I didn’t have that much fun in it. I wanted it bouncier.”

Several classmates echoed Last-Name-Withheld’s sentiments, one of them on-record. “Yeah I hated (bounce-house)!” shouted the male classmate. “That thing was dumb. Shauna’s right. I think maybe she likes me, too.”

BLE late-spring teacher’s aide Emanda Wooster attempted to quell any festivity-backlash gravitas.

“Both students, and a lot of other kids, had fun with other activities, like ‘slippery-slide’ and ‘water-balloon’ toss,” Wooster said. “They told me they did. They were laughing. No more comments. I have to go to my waitressing shift at Funky’s now. Sorry.”

Shauna’s father has filed an official complaint with the school. The elder Last Name Withheld was unavailable for comment.

Bounce-house was underwritten by Cottage Cheese Emporium. Supplies for water-balloon toss were provided by Bass Lake Police Authority.

“They were leftovers from one of our department birthdays,” said assistant semi-chief Keith “Gwen” Goodway, 26.

Water for the balloons and slippery-slide was provided by Bass Lake Fire and Emergency Institute, via hydrant.

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