Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/6/2023-3/10/2023

Johnny Wen, the proprietor of Beijing Bait and Tackle, located conveniently on the sunny and oddly mountainous south shore of Bass Lake, says, “Let’s go fishing!” (Photo courtesy of the PRC.)

Worms or noodles?
Raisin wedge
Perch cream pie
Roof leak

Late-stage hot dog
Cauliflower stem
Deep-fried peach pit
Sanitizer slushy
Vase water

Burger bar
Ketchup skin
Nut milk

Extra firm tofu
Vegetable oil
Iced cream
Boat juice

Lamb joint w/mint sauce
Boiled potato
Apples n ants
Nougat slammer
Distilled corn

This week’s menu is sponsored by Beijing Bait and Tackle. Join proprietor Johnny Wen as hecelebrates nearly 10 years of cooperation between Bass Lake and Sister City Beijing. “Now that the ice is safe to fall through, why not stop in and see our new collection of larvae and nematodes. You’ll thank us later.”

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