Aided by grant funding, new swingset expected soon at local park

By Brock Stafford | Recently re-promoted sports editor

It won’t seem as idyllic when it comes. (Via Grant/Beacon.)

Thanks in part to a grant made possible through a regional grant initiative, construction of a new swingset apparatus at Newlee-Tydald Park in Bass Lake has been approved, pending final approval.

Timeline for the project may begin as soon as this summer, based on reports.

Regional mini-grants and micro-grants are available through  the U.S. Grant Grant Initiative, The process involved several months to complete, said Michiana grant-writer Gran Treidyr.

“All in a day’s work,” Treidyr said in a pre-prepared statement. “I get paid to do this.”

Request for additional information was not granted.

At least one local parent is excited about the new addition to the playground-area-based hardware.

“My kids are gonna love it,” the mom said. “I hope they don’t take it for granted.”

Another area-parent echoed a similarly-based opinion.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he said.

A groundbreaking ceremony is expected soon, pending approval of a quasi-grant to be used toward purchase of shovels.

Proceeds from publicly assisted funding contributed toward this report.

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