Hospital excels in annual review

By Dr. No | Beacon Medical Correspondent (Intern)


Improved Wifi access helped Regional Corporate Hospital pass a recent annual review. (Image courtesy Bill’s Electronic Barn)

It looks like Regional Corporate Hospital will be open for at least another year following an annual review of its facility and practices.

Spokesperson Margo DeLathridge said the hospital “passed with hovering colors,” whatever that means.

In categories ranging from cleanliness, patient patience, WiFi coverage and snack selection in a waiting room situation,  Regional Corporate earned 3 out of 7 stars.

“We knocked it out of the triage center this year,” DeLathridge said. “We added complimentary coffee and Hershey’s Kisses in the waiting room. That sealed it for us.”

Other divisions under scrutiny by the state-appointed review board included doctor/nurse compatibility, parking lot maintenance, and TV remote availability. Regional Corporate, or RegCor, as staff refers to it,  rated a 2 out of a possible 7 in these areas.

In recent years hospital staff hid their review results from prying eyes prompting the establishment of “worst-practices” guidelines. The new protocol included a warning to staff to “be on the lookout” for disgruntled individuals wherever they may be.

“That change helped us focus on the patient,” DeLathridge said. “We used to be concerned mostly with getting off early on Fridays. Not anymore.”

Results of crucial areas such as incident outcome, patient health, and cost control were unavailable, according to RCH staff.



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