Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 4/24/2023-4/28/2023

Stop by Jimmy’s FreshWater Shrimp Shack* today! (Shack currently under construction. We’re using this table instead.)

Linguini w/morel sauce
Caprese salad
Boot gum
Grape juice

Pizza bar
Salad bar
Fruit bar
Shake bar
Water bar

Pocket noodles
Ash-tree seedling
Fruit, low-hanging
Plum stone

Sidewalk treasure
Hobo grass
Road apple
Urinal cake
Don’t ask

Imitation shrimp
Gene shallots
Extra-virgin lemon juice
Crustacean smoothie
White wine (low-alcohol, child portion)

This week’s menu is sponsored by Jimmy’s Fresh Water Shrimp Shack. Fresh lake shrimp on your plate or delivered to your door for much less than

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