Nominees sought for “Driveway of the Month” award

By Zandie Portugal | Beacon contributor | Yes, that’s her given name

Sample example. (Barney Lane, via Photonogram)

A local group that formed 145 days ago in the Bass Lake area seeks nominees for an inaugural “Driveway of the Month” award.

Monthly winners will be announced monthly, beginning next month and continuing at least  until the end of the month of October.

Pre-organizer Jennifer Cliffton outlined guidelines for the honor, during a Facebook-chat earlier this week.

“Prospective award recipients are expected to show uniqueness, but restraint, as far as care and nurturing of their driveway goes,” she said.

According to her, similar contests have been successful in other similar-sized communities throughout the U.S.

“My best friend from high school said it worked in her hometown out there in Kansas,” Cliffton said. “That’s good enough for me. If it works in Kansas, it’ll work anywhere — even here.”

Nominations may be sent directly to Cliffton, or anyone who knows her.

Deadline for July’s award: 5 p.m. today.

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