Elegant Living: Tips for adding zest to your life

By Marty and Laurel Princeworth|Beacon Foodstuffs Contributors



  • Turn that neglected half-bath into a wet bar. The old toilet will not only serve as a perfect ice bucket, it will spark lots of interesting conversation among your guests. Cheers!
  • Convert your attic into a low-cost sauna during hot, sunny days. Feel the tension drip away.
  • Put those pesky bar soap slivers to use. Simply place on a baking sheet and slide them into your oven at 200 degrees. Your friends will be amazed at the results.
  • Borrow a litter of kittens for your next dinner party. Put them in a large glass bowl and place in the center of the table. Their shenanigans will make boring table banter a thing of the past.
  • Fill a basket with halved lemons and hang it from the ceiling. Set it and forget it!

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