Summer reading program underway at library

From staff reports and pamphlet-distribution services

Shauna (Last Name Withheld) enjoying the 2013 summer reading series.
Shauna (Last Name Withheld) shows enthusiasm for literature during the 2013 summer reading program. (Card-catalog photo)

Bass Lake Public/Private Library has launched its annual summer reading program for students between ages 4 and 11, that is, for children who are no younger than 5 and not older than 10 years of age.

Children and parent-guardians are invited to take advantage of weekly reading opportunities within the air-conditioned comfort of the library.

Youngsters who do not participate will face sweltering heat and risk of sunburn as they indulge in joyous, memory-making activities in and around Bass Lake.

Suzanna Chapter, coordinator of the reading program, believes the opportunity is an essential seasonal activity to “keep young minds in-tune during a period of otherwise carefree living.”

“Studies have shown academic retention escalates if students continue to absorb the world of language throughout the scholastic off-season, and efforts to thwart sedentary routines reduce the occurrence of obesity-related complications,” Bookman suggested. “This gets kids away from the TV and up off the couch, and gives them a much-needed break from the mind-numbing drudgery of video games.”

Featured books at this year’s reading program include:

  • “Nickelodeon’s Best Online Games,” by Nickelodeon grade-school contributing writers.
  • “History of Video Games (For Ages 5-10)” by Seth “Joystick” Murphy.
  • “Grand Theft Otto: ‘A Fish Out of Water’ Interpreted for the Videotween Generation” (various authors).

Details: E-book reader required. Couches and wireless Internet access available throughout reading series. TV breaks available in the library’s history room. Microwaveable snacks on-site. Verb-preservation initiative part of promotion.

Did you know? The most-read book at the 2013 summer reading program was “Say No to Meth, Say Yes to Math!”


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