‘Art on the Street’ proposal rejected

By Max Fontaine | Hates Meetings

Local cultural enthusiast Emilee Van Dickinson, in a happier moment. (Sketch Pad Fever)
Arts enthusiast Emilee Van Dickinson, in a happier moment. (Sketch Pad Fever)

Bass Lake Town Council has denied a request for “Art on the Street,” a late-summer community arts and cultural showcase.

Emilee Van Dickinson, 34, organizer of the would-be event, approached Bass Lake Town Council on Monday to present the plan. Van Dickinson told council members the fair could take place during a 2-hour slot in early August in uptown Bass Lake, and would feature “the best artwork our community has to offer.”

The request failed by a majority vote.

Council vice-president Carolyn Shee was among those who voted no.

“I’m speaking for all of us who have no ability to comment on the matter,” Shee said. “(We) choose not to schedule new activities or do the other things, not because it’s easy, because it’s not.”

Council member M. Adam Bradbury (R-Bass Lake, PhD history) was emphatic about his disapproval.

“I’ve seen these so-called art shows,” Bradbury said. “Homemade jewelry, pre-schooler sidewalk chalk doodlings and photographs of rail cars defaced with porno-graffiti. Thanks, but no thanks, thank you very much.”

Reggie Jones (I-Out-on-the-Highway) said nothing.

Enos Felger, D-Dave’s House, said his vote would have been “yes” if details were slightly different.

“Have you considered something like, say, ‘Poetry in the Park’?” Felger asked.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, a tearful Van Dickinson asked permission to express her anguish about the decision. Her plea was ignored by everyone in attendance.

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