Sidewalk beautification to get ugly

By Clara Glendale | Sidewalker

Work is nearly complete to the point of being started again on the Trout Lane sidewalk. (Trout Lane Merchant’s attorney file)

After what seems likes months, the sidewalk along Trout Lane in uptown Bass Lake is nearly complete. Just one task remains – saw cutting.

A spokeswoman with Timely Concrete Sidewalks said the last chore is to cut up the newly laid concrete with loud and dusty concrete cutting saws.

“We came in under budget ahead of schedule,” according to Timely vice president Justine Timely. “Just the saw cutting is left.”

Following the cutting of the concrete, Timely said crews will haul the pieces to the lake where they will be used to create a reef-like structure to encourage snake reproduction.

Once the new concrete is gone, old concrete will be installed in keeping with historical register guidelines. And though Trout Lane is not yet on the national register, Timely thinks it’s a good idea to be prepared.

“They frown on new things,” Timely said.  “One of these days everything will be old and crumbly enough to attract the attention of someone. Then we’ll see.”

Until then, it’s more dust and noise for the merchants of Trout Lane, none of whom was available to talk with for this story because of work zone restrictions.

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