Stadium demolition begins

By Brock Stafford | Part-time sports editor

A ceremonial bleacher-breaking was held this week at Stadium Drive Stadium. (Head Linesman Photography)
A bleacher-breaking ceremony was held this week at Stadium Drive Stadium. (Head Linesman Photography)

Demolition of Bass Lake University’s stadium began Monday, pre-paving the way for the college’s new domed facility.

Within weeks, Stadium Drive Stadium, ‘Home of the Beaver’ since 1972, will look nothing like it does now, because it won’t exist anymore, university sources said.

“It’ll be a massive pile of rubble,” said Felix Karen, BLU’s master of groundskeeping (Master of Groundskeeping, BLU ’77).

De-construction of the old ballpark was expected to begin several weeks ago, but the plan hit a “temporary” snag, said Helen Sanderstroms, director of athletics at Bass Lake University

“A soccer match took longer than we expected,” Sanderstroms said.

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Meanwhile, a decision about a name for the upcoming interiorized sports complex is pending. It’s no immediate worry for Elliott Chamberton, president of Bass Lake University.

“These things take time,” Chamberton said. “And some things take longer than others, at times.”

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