Beacon Bits: Local Poet to Read from, sign new book

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Al Schwartz has new poems
And he’s going to read some for you

Ode to an Ode-To
The jacket cover of Al Schwartz’s latest book of poems. The photo was the inspiration for “The Quaking Span Not Taken,” which is included in “Ode to an Ode-To.” (Ailing Press)

Bass Lake’s Poet Laureate is at it again. Or has been at it, at least. He may be at it yet. We don’t know. But for some months previous he definitely was at it. And by “it” we mean writing poetry.  And by “he” we mean Al Schwartz.

Schwartz will appear to read from his latest work “Ode to an Ode-To” this Saturday from 2-3:45 p.m. at Nook, Bath & Beyonce (formerly Books, Towels & Music). Nook, Bath & Beyonce is located in the Shoppe at Ye Olde Bass Lake Shops on Woodbe Rd.

The stop at Nook, Bath & Beyonce is the first of a scheduled three town tour. Other locations on Schwartz’s promotional junket include Nearbytown Lawn Art in the Lawns of Michiana County Strip Mall and Jolly’s Morgue & Donut (just follow your nose) in Bass Lake.

Schwartz will also sign (five-word limit) copies of “Ode to an Ode-To,” but only for people who purchase one.

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