Former BLAP Chief Yueh appears, apologizes, ascends

By A. Finn  Moss

Chiou Yueh
Former BALP Chief Chiou Yueh confirmed his resignation Tuesday at a press conference. (Beacon file photo.)

Former Bass Lake Authority Police Chief Chiou Yueh made an unannounced appearance at a scheduled press conference on Tuesday to announce his plans to re-resign his post following a months-long absence from public, and maybe even private, view.

Yueh had not been seen or heard since late May when he informed the public that his resignation was pre-figured in the cultural exchange between Bass Lake and its sister city Beijing.

At a press conferenceTuesday, Yueh said that he had no regrets and saw “no reason to apologize” for his actions. It is not clear what Yueh meant by his comments.

Yueh’s tenure as BLAP chief, coming as it did on the heels of a round of scandals and missteps by the previous top cop, Gwen “Tug” McNabb, was marked by competence and good humored benevolence.

Following his brief comments, Yueh levitated into the clouds above Beijing Bait & Tackle and disappeared.

Tuesday’s press conference was called by the former chief’s chief of staff Ewell Shepherd. Shepherd made no mention of Yueh’s inclusion.

In a press release, Shepherd said that the former chief had spent the summer on a “personal day” in order to meditate and allow time for his pitching arm to heal. 

Requests for comment from Beijing, China’s People’s Public Relations Force, Sister City Division were ignored.

Bass Lake Authority Police are still without a leader, though no one around town seems to have noticed.

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