Breaking: Chief Yueh resigns

By Ken at the Paper | Beacon sports editor/weekend guy doing agate

Chiou Yueh
Chiou Yueh is expected to return to his position as Regional director of the People’s Armed Police in Qinghai Province once his resignation is approved by MLB China. (BLAP file photo)

In what my editor tells me is a shocking development, Bass Lake Authority Police Chief Chiou Yueh has announced his resignation.

According to sources close to the chief, the decision was reached sometime last year, shortly before the switch-hitting native of China arrived on the scene.

Yueh, a slugger with a .345 batting average in his home state of Qinghai Province, which borders Tibet in the west, has been acting BLAP police chief since November of last year.

Yueh, part of a cultural exchange between Bass Lake, USA and Beijing, China, was formerly the Regional director of the People’s Armed Police and a left-handed first baseman with more homers than Babe Ruth.

At 7’3″ and a whopping 15 goats, Yueh was a stabilizing presence for BLAP following the scandal that cost former chief Gwen “Tug” McNabb his job.

The exchange program that brought Yueh here is scheduled to end when he leaves, which will be the exact time of his departure.

During his tenure at Bass Lake, Yueh, who hit two grand slams in one game during his first season in MLB China, was known as a practical joker and strict if somewhat easy-going disciplinarian.

Off the BLAP beat, Yueh enjoyed playing two at the Bass Lake Center for Baseball and Other Athletic Endeavors, better known as Bass Lake’s still-unnamed uptown park.

His power from both sides of the plate will be missed, as will his wide-ranging versatility. Earlier this season Yueh famously played both first base and right field at the same time.

But nowhere will he be missed as much as at the pitcher’s mound. Yueh boasted a 132 mph fastball that no one dared even catch let alone attempt to strike with a bat.

A recent game saw Yueh strike out 25 and arrest four bat-corkers working the dugouts.

Bass Lake Mayor Guy Soundguy was unavailable for comment, as his gig as soundguy for Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring cover band, had him busy with a gig at Funky’s on the Bayou at press time.

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