The BLAP Beat: Chief Yueh Pranks Two-wheeled Patrol

The BLAP Beat is taken from the Bass Lake Authority Police dispatch log. 

Not BLAP officers
Not BLAP officers.
Chiou Yueh
The prankster Yueh. (BLAP files)

The BLAP bicycle patrol was dispatched to a domestic disturbance at 7 a.m. Sunday in the 3.14159 block of Pi Ave. When the officer reached the residence later that evening he discovered the disturbance had moved to another location. Upon conferring with the neighbors, the officer pedaled to the new disturbance location in the vicinity of the Bass Lake Cemetery and Frisbee Golf Center, where he found several domestics in full disturbance. Upon closer examination the pedal patrol discovered that one of the disturbants was acting BLAP police chief Chiou Yueh, the others being a cleaning woman, two cleaning men and a cleaning teen. All of the cleaning folk were allegedly in the employ of chief Yueh, according to chief Yueh. When the pedal patrol officer attempted to quell the disturbance with candy from his holster, chief Yueh directed the cleaning teenager to steal the patrol bicycle. Chief Yueh then placed the patrol officer under arrest for loss of department property. Chief Yueh later admitted the entire episode had been an elaborate prank to lighten an otherwise dull week at the department. Patrolman McNabb, however, was not informed of the chief’s hijinks and spent a night in the lockup. He was released on his own bicycle late Monday morning.

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