Wait-staff member shocked by ‘shocking’ tip

By Max Fontaine | Hard-news booth review

Rhiannon Lewis-Pasture received a pleasant surprise the other day in her so-called tip jar. (Pleasantville PictoMart)

A female waitstaff member at Grumpy’s Friendly Diner in Bass Lake was shocked this week when she received a $3.45 tip in conjunction with a $15.45 meal.

“It’s the best tip I’ve gotten since I started working here,” said Rhiannon Lewis-Pasture, 26. “Percentage-wise.”

A witness at Grumpy’s confirmed the report just minutes ago.

Since her part-time hire date on Oct. 6, 2014, Lewis-Pasture has primarily helmed section 7-G, a segment of the diner historically known for gratuital-retentiveness. Data are (is?) based on receipts obtained by rummaging through a semi-rusted file cabinet in the basement — during normal restaurant hours.

Lewis-Pasture intends to parlay the isolated situation into “an investment in future educational opportunities,” according to her boyfriend, Cale Wordsworth, a media consultant in Michianapolis.

In a related development, Wordsworth said he intends to move to Bass Lake “soon” to reconnect with Lewis-Pasture, according to his Twitter feed.


Identity of the gracious patron and contents of his or her meal were not disclosed by Grumpy’s owner Grumpy Tate, who failed to be contacted for this report.

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