Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 5/11 – 5/15 2015

smiling goat
Goat. (Courtesy of Bass Lake Goat Board)

Matriarch casserole
Brussels sprouts marinated in guilt
You never stop by fruit basket
Get your fingers off my last drumstick
Seven percent milky solution

Cow face tacos
Ruminate extract
Shadow of berries
Soggy dreamsicle
Water slammers

Bum’s rush sandal burger w/bun fragment
Hammered celery
Might have been a starfruit
Confiscated school candy
Science lab sippers

Uncle’s goat gum kabob
21-days left greens
Invisible macaroon
Grandpa extract

Noodle-based edible
Potato flippers
Banana cream
Flashback smoothies
Premature sun tea

This week’s menu brought to you by last week’s menu.

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