Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 5/4 – 5/8 2015

Bootstrap City. (Travel Buddy)

Pre-season bluegill dippers
Morel mushroom rumors
Betty Crocker no-relation baked stuff
Lemon verbena water

I made this just for you pork chop
Will she do your laundry Brussel’s sprouts
Not unless you’re tested first fruit roll ups
Close but no cigar peanut ‘n chocolate wraps
Get your own milk

Pizza slice
Bread-stick w/green things
Fruit flavored pizza crust
Dessert-shaped pizza
Pizza dough blender pals

Fetal broccoli and cheese casserole
Adolescent carrots
Mid-life restoration flaps
Baby jaw breakers
Desperation fluid

How hungry are you patties w/mini pretzels
Shoulda brought your own vegetable substitute
Why are you here fruit medley
Have you checked your tires snack bundle
911 emergency drip

This week’s menu brought to you by if you don’t know then shame on you.


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