Beacon Bits: Local center offers Mother’s Day specials

From the Beacon Perennial Files

Frugal youngsters take advantage of Bass Lake Cemetery and Frisbee Golf Center’s Mother’s Day flower specials. (Davy “Digger” Jones.)

Everyone has a mother to thank for bringing them into this world, so why not honor her with some lovely flowers?

That’s the question plaguing the mind of Bass Lake Cemetery and Frisbee Golf Center director Davy “Digger” Jones these days.

So to de-plague his mind, Jones has decided to make it easy to brighten that special day for that special mother.

“The idea came to me while back-hoeing the Smunson woman’s grave,” Jones said. “I saw all these flowers just sitting there hours after the loved ones who dropped them off had left. They’re still good, and I’ll sell them cheap.”

Jones said the quantity and type of arrangements available varies on a daily basis.

“It’s something all non-orphans and those with still-living mothers should take advantage of,” Jones said. “Why pay retail? Just keep an eye on local death notices for inventory updates. Your mother will thank you for it someday. “

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