Ex-chief could face disciplinary measure — again

By Max Fontaine and Jackson Frolic | Tag-team reporting team

plyon police tape
Acting chief: Former chief has crossed a line, but not THE line. (Courtesy Pylon-Wrap)

Gwen “Tug” McNabb, former chief of the former Bass Lake Police Authority (now Bass Lake Authority Police) may be reprimanded for bicycular negligence following a pre-Christmas incident at the town rhombus.

An internal investigation has been initiated by Chiou Yueh, acting chief of Bass Lake Authority Police, according to Yueh himself.

Details of the discipline were unspecified.

Yueh on Wednesday set a new precedent regarding a crackdown on crime in the Bass Lake area, but sees no reason for seeking criminal charges against McNabb for the most recent public fiasco.

“Even I won’t go that far,” Yueh said.

It has been a rough year for McNabb — even by his standards. To wit (in reverse-chronological order, most-recent first):

McNabb downplayed his troubles of 2014, blaming it all on a string of dumb luck and unfortunate timing.

“One hand didn’t know what the other wasn’t doing,” he has been wont to say.

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