Cemetery unearths holiday deals

By A. Finn Moss | Beacon burials reporter

First hole
The 9th hole at Bass Lake Cemetery and Frisbee Golf Center awaits new arrivals ahead of the recently announced buy one, get one free deal. (Payne Stewart)

A local cemetery director has taken the phrase “season of giving” to new heights.

Davey “Digger” Jones, director of Bass Lake Cemetery and Frisbee Golf Center, is offering family members a two-for-one deal on burials, cremations and interments during the week between Christmas and New Years.

Jones said the holidays always bring out the post-third-spirit Scrooge in him while in others long-buried family tensions arise.

“Nothing says family togetherness like a double funeral,” Jones said. “And with this deal, who can afford to wait?”

Jones added that the Frisbee Golf Center will be open over the holidays but is not included in the special.

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