Criminals may face charges

By Max Fontaine | Beacon hard news reporter

Chiou Yueh
Chiou Yueh likeness. (People’s Armed Police Force)

A statement released by Bass Lake Authority Police indicates that criminals may face charges.

No details about the identity of the alleged criminals or their alleged crimes were provided.

Acting Bass Lake Authority Police chief Chiou Yueh said the release marks a new policy. Yueh said too many criminals were avoiding arrest because of “leaks.”

“Where I come from, loose lips provide information to bad men who then sink ships,” Yueh said. “No information will be released on anything or anyone until we have that information on lock-down.”

Yueh, a regional director of the People’s Armed Police, the policing wing of the Chinese Armed Forces, is part of a exchange program with Bass Lake’s sister city, Beijing. Dubbed “swap-a-cop,” the program is meant to foster unity between Bass Lake and Beijing.

Timothy Jimothy, BLAP’s director of community overreach, is Bass Lake’s representative in the program.

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