Sister city to open local business

By Clara Glendale | Beacon sister city reporter

chinese fishing
Beijing Bait & Tackle plans a spring-thaw opening. (Chiou Yueh)

The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming!

A press release faxed in from Beijing, China’s People’s Public Relations Force, Sister City Division, unveiled plans to open a business in Bass Lake.

Beijing, the capital of China, has been Bass Lake’s sister city since 2012. And while the recent addition of Chiou Yueh as acting Bass Lake Authority Police chief made headlines, the decision to open a business in town will also make headlines. And it has.

According to the press release, officials in Beijing will be sending a team of Chinese anglers to open a bait and tackle store. While the exact location of the store, to be called Beijing Bait & Tackle, remains a mystery, the excitement felt on this side of the pond is anything but.

Shane McVanDerKamp, proprietor of Bass Lake Fish ‘n’ Boat, currently the area’s only tackle store, is thrilled at the prospect of friendly competition.

“I hate being the only bait and tackle store on the lake,” McVanDerKamp said. “I like to sleep in sometimes, too, you know.”

Asked whether he feared any loss of business, McVanDerKamp replied philosophically.

“Fishing is a waiting game,” he said. “You have to know how to talk to the fish. Sometimes they bite, sometimes they don’t. I’ll have to wait and see what kind of stuff these Chinese boys sell. I wish them luck. Our fish don’t speak Mandarin.”

Bass Lake mayor Guy Soundguy was unavailable for comment.

Beijing Bait & Tackle is expected to open by the time the ice is off the lake, whenever that is.

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