Beacon Bits: Argument breaks out over snow depth

By Clara Glendale | Beacon marital spat reporter

Wedding rings and medication bottle
Marriage often requires prescriptions. (Photo illustration)

When two people have been married as long as Bass Lake residents Jenny and Bradford Bradford have, the road is bound to get rocky at some point.

For the Bradfords, that point came Monday night. While at their weekly travel club meeting, the conversation turned to the depth of the snow in yards around town following Sunday’s megasnow.

“I’m not sure why they got so upset with each other,” said Bass Lake Travel Club hosts Corrine and James James. “We were all joking about how being stranded usually brings people closer together.”

But then it happened: the newlyweds had their first spat.

“I asked Bradford how many inches they had and he said he measured eight,” Corrine James said. “Then Jenny snickered and said it was more like five.”

As Corrine put it, Bradford turned “red as a lobster at Red Lobster” and stormed out of the house. Jenny Bradford refilled her drink and kept showing slides of their honeymoon trip to Nearbytown.

The Bradfords aren’t talking. Not to each other, that is.

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