Breaking: Local hospital CEO dies

By Max Fontaine | Death and discomfort desk

The halls of RCH are in mourning today, as are a few on-duty employees.
The halls of RCH are mostly silent today, as are a few on-duty employees.

Krem Greebler, CEOand chief executive officer of Regional Corporate Hospital, died Wednesday night at his winter home in south Florida, following a month spent in Bass Lake.

Greebler, 61, served as CEO at RCH since 2000, succeeding Jack Jimmerschmidt, who retired after a company restructuring. Jimmerschmidt eventually left town.

Greebler had experienced mild (but frequent) headaches since summer 2014, according to a family doctor not affiliated with the hospital. Greebler did not seek treatment, the doctor said.

News of Greebler’s death spread like a social-media disease early today and brought an outpouring of grief and post-death diagnoses.

Carolyn Shee, vice president of Bass Lake Town Council, expressed her admiration for Greebler’s contributions to the community — this one and others — and his work ethic.

“He worked hard every day,” Shee said. “Some days, he worked hard more than once a day. That’s what I’ve been told.”

Similar thoughts were expressed by a telephone-triage nurse at the hospital’s AM/PM/FM clinic in western Ohio.

“Oh, definitely.”

That’s what the nurse said.

A hospital publicist has prepared a statement, which will be released later today.

In lieu of Greebler’s existence, administrative duties will be baton-passed to assistant CEO and president Vinewood Lancaster, who is en route to Bass Lake from a secondary home in California. A swearing-in ceremony will take place on his private family aircraft.

Lancaster was unavailable for comment, as was Greebler.

A full obituary and lengthy feature story is likely to appear in an upcoming edition.

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