Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/1 – 2/5


Slugfest Farms, serving greater Michiana since last Tuesday. Slug a friend today!

Chicken-fried taco soup
Flour tortilla chips w/spicy ketchup
Avocado pit
Virgin tequila sunrise

Groundhog dogs w/bun
1/8 deviled egg, halved
Durian smoothie
Fudge roughie
Shadow of a beverage

One in a Bullion (cubed)
Concept of carrots
Choice of berry
Noodle cake pie
Creative juices

Veggie-meat substitute w/lunch roll
Corn slice
30,000 nanograms of bananas
Photogenic ice cream
3% milk

Tomato-paste paste
Empty set
Fritter, happier
Ice cold Fruit packaging
Chili-remnant punch

This week’s menu brought to you by Slugfest Farms. Isn’t it about slime you had one of your own?


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