Quotes of the Month: January 2016

1436017985izzf5Notable quotable from the Bass Lake Beacon area,  January 2016.

“All my life, I’ve been called ‘beanpole’ and ‘twig-boy” and other uncreative nicknames, and frankly, I’m sick of it.”
— Len A. Literation, 33 (149 pounds)

“Ned was yelling something about the ‘right to plow’ contract he said he signed.”
— Brittney Cleveland

“The roster is full of sophomores and freshmen — oh, and a junior and, plus, a senior who isn’t very good and doesn’t play much. I shouldn’t even be telling you any of this … here comes the coach.”
— Porky Vegan, statistician, Bass Lake boys’ basketball team

“(A) success — rousing, even. What else could it be?”
— Clem Brickston, proprietor, Bass Lake Inn/Convenience

“We have suffered long enough the economic tsunami of their reckless pricing schemes on goods such as wool socks, mutton chops and lambskin car seat covers.”
— Carolyn Shee, vice president, Bass Lake Town Council, from state of the town address

“I suppose we should have guessed the dunk tank would freeze and the ice pies would hurt.”
— Glenda Goodwitch, committee chairwoman, Bass Lake IceFest


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