Festival parade lineup revealed

“Insane Canine Posse” is among entries in this year’s summer festival. (Not really a photo).

By Jemmagail Fielding | Sideline reporter

Bass Lake “Summerfest Festival” opens today.

Until 2018, the celebration was known as Pre-Mid-Summer Festival Week Days. Despite the name-change, most traditions have continued unscathed.

Example: The annual parade, this year set to commence at 1:45 p.m. Saturday.

Here is an abbreviated parade lineup, provided by the event committee. For a complete list, visit the festival website.

  • Vintage fire truck
  • Officers from Bass Lake Authority Police, riding in a truck recently confiscated by Chief Tug McNabb.
  • Residents of the Year: Johnny Wen and the oft-maligned Emilee Van Dickinson.
  • “Tanks For the Memories,” a patriotic retrospective of the 2019 July 4 party in Washington.
  • Featured float: Cam Shaft, winner of the annual presidential bio contest.
  • Bass Lake High School marching band (some members are on a family vacation, detasseling or baling hay)
  • “Battle of Baton”: Twirlers contest
  • Monster truck/vintage tractor. Probably not both.
  • Fraternal Order of Sisters

In addition, along the parade route, local dignitaries and public safety workers will distribute goodies to young spectators, including vape-free candy and family-safe firecrackers.

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