Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 9/3-9/6 2019

Back to school
The Bass Lake Elementary kitchen staff welcomes students to a bright new school year. (Unpaid lunch fees from last year will not be forgiven. Pay up or bring your own lunch.)

See above

Boneless hot dog wings w/dipping sauce
Pick-your-own banana
Welcome back cobbler
Nut oil milk

Slug nuggets
Raw pickle
Boo berries
Gluten pops
Bug Juice

Neeps & tatties
Dram of whiskey

Fish fin pie
Lawn clippings
Ground apple
Worm gums
Liquid milk

This week’s menu is sponsored by Bass Lake Sewer Club. “Do you want Bass Lake to smell like Nearbytown? Neither do we.” Come to our next slideshow – Can’t Flush This – next Sunday afternoon. Refreshments provided. 

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