Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 5/27-5/31 2019

street horse
Street Performers Anonymous of Central Bass Lake promotes and supports public artists of all stripes. Become a member during our June membership drive and receive a free donations hat. (Random photographer)

No school. Eat a hot dog at a parade.

Parade hot dog
Baked beans
Ice cream nugget
Fizzy drink

Bluegill lasagna
Reclaimed spinach
Fruit skin medley
Desk gum
Natural juices

Ground pizza
Glazed carrot
Squeeze ice
Pop reference

Open face sand wedge
Crinkle peas
Bañana mondatta
Face pie
Cooler water

This week’s menu is sponsored by Street Performers Anonymous of Central Bass Lake. Keeping the street of Bass Lake entertained for a pretty long time. For free! We welcome artists of all types. You know who you are even if no one else does. 

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