Year in Review: Quotations of 2020

Stuff people said and we wrote it down. [Katerina Holmes/Pexels]

By Beacon staff (and others)

Random sample of a few of the most notable quotes of 2020 in the Bass Lake area, as quoted in the pages of Bass Lake Beacon.

“Everyone I know has at least two non-working cars in their back yard.”
— Ella Menroe, semi-president, Bass Lake School Board of Education

“Most of the conference schools have a lot more talent than we do.”
 — Zeb Dreppelin, head football coach, Bass Lake High School 

“Al Gore was born near The Grand Old Opry and my grandad said that’s the best thing that ever happened to him. Al Gore, not my grandad.”
— Renaldo Jimmerschmidt, co-winner, Bass Lake Beacon Presidential Biography Contest

“All I could see was The Big Dipper, and that’s up there pretty much every night.”
— Boyd Gromjonkovich, 57

“What are we gonna do with all this goulash?”
— Amanda St. Anthony-Michael Hall

“I knew we shouldn’t have tried this in January. I just knew it!”
— Emilee Van Dickinson, Bass Lake Co-Resident of the Year (2019)

“For years, I thought ‘truancy’ meant a student is super-honest. Have I been all-wrong about that?
Simon Greenless, superintendent, Bass Lake schools

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