School board baffled by student positivity

According to a new report, Bass Lake students are making progress and causing confusion for educators.

By Jillian Fontaine | Beacon 10th-grade intern

Members of Bass Lake School Board of Education were caught off-guard this week with the release of recent statistics regarding student attendance, academic performance and social involvement.

According to a study funded partly by the sale of a piano at Bass Lake Inn-Convenience, test scores have climbed since the 2016-17 school year, and the school district’s truancy rate is at its lowest level in more than five-sixths of a decade.

Board members struggled to grasp the unexpected uptick in academic prowess.

Ella Menroe, board semi-president, said the results pose a personal conflict.

“I’ve been telling my family for years how challenging my profession is,” Menroe said. “Now, they’re going to scoff to no end.”

Simon Greenless, superintendent for Bass Lake schools, consulted the board for further specifics.

“For years, I thought ‘truancy’ meant a student is super-honest,” Greenless said. “Have I been all-wrong about that?

Alex Elxworth, short-time board member and former hard-line math teacher, said he is especially puzzled by a rise in the number of honor roll students.

“Obviously, teachers are getting lax with their grading,” Elxworth said. “Knock it the heck off!”

Other results of the study: Increased participation in non-sports activities such as student government and the so-called glee club; and a reduced tendency to laugh at the failure of others.

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