Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/3-2/7 2020

Not sure what you got from your grandma’s pill basket? Let Bass Lake High School Pharmaceutical Explorers take a stab at it. Drop by the multi-purpose room any Tuesday after school and show you how to figure it out. (Photo credit anonymous)

Groundhog burger w/bun
Spinach dip
Fruit tray
Potato icy
Eye drip

Chicken and Condoleeza rice
Veggie tray
Juicer pulp
Chocolate covered pebbles
Meatball juice

Bat soup
Cherry wedge
Upside down cake
Facemask sweat

Truck grill casserole
Cauliflower pouch
Shaved banana
Septic effluent

Dogfish patty
Fruit cup
Twice-frozen ice cream
Sneeze-guard blend

This week’s menu is sponsored by Bass Lake High School Pharmaceutical Explorers. We take the guesswork out of pill appropriation. If it’s in your grandmother’s cabinet, we probably know what it does. 

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