Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/27-1/31 2020

Year of the rat
Happy Chinese New Year! Johnnie Wen of The Wen Group (formerly Beijing Bait and Tackle) would like to wish all of Bass Lake and Michiana the best of luck this Year of the Rat. 新年快乐

Fetid cheese toastie
Bacon n’ broccoli
Grape pouch
Bluegill ice cream
Olivia Claire’s Accidental Dairy™

Pocket meat
Post-op veggies
I can’t believe it’s not banana
Hippie crack
Hobo cup

Venezuelan stew
Crowd-sourced cauliflower
Gum wedge
Pickle juice

Pizza bar
Salad bar
Fruit bar
Dessert bar
Bar bar

Pre-Super Bowl ham
Assorted veggie dip
Chips w/dip
Craft lemonade

This week’s menu is sponsored by The Wen Group (formerly Beijing Bait and Tackle). Bringing the world to Bass Lake and vice-versa since 2015. Happy New Year!

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