Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/20-1/24 2020

Culinary Explorers
Culinary Explorers of Bass Lake High School prepare to “dig in” after another day of foodstuffs wizardry. (Photo courtesy CEBLHS)

No school in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Turkey & Velveeta slammers
Whipped lettuce
Halle berries
Fudge packers
Avocado juice

Hummus pizza
Celery leaves
Watermelon Ayn rind
Desk gum
Keg line blow

Hot crossed weiners w/bun
Condiment grab bag
Llama spit

A farewell to wings
Mashed swede
Blender blend
Teat secretions (ruminant)

This week’s menu is brought to you by Culinary Explorers of Bass Lake High School. Members of  CEBLHS are tasked with providing viable options to staid foodstuffs offerings with the goal of exceeding recognized standards of nutrition, presentation, and palatability. The group is currently seeking food-curious youth throughout Michiana, including Nearbytown High School enrollees. 

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