Town Council agenda: Thawed experiment

Bass Lake Town Council agenda
For Jan. 20, 2019

I. Call to order

II. Micro-minutes review

III. What’s with all these Roman numerals? … inquiry by Bass Lake resident Krelda McSpherley

IV. New business:

V. Code enforcement

  • A. Official removal from payroll of former code enforcement officer Jonas Crinkle, who died ca. 1999
  • B. Elimination of code enforcement department.

VI. Committee reports

  • A. Public safety committee: Chief Tug McNabb
  • B. Waste and disposal (and, alas, recycling) committee: Why are all these evergreen trees still showing up curbside?

VII. (Break?)

VIII. Community feedback and helpful hints (Limit: 7 minutes — total)

IX. Adjournment

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