Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/13-1/17 2020

Hmmm. BLOOM! will make you think. (Photo credit Glenn Ponder, KMKY Photos, LTD)

Groats w/cream
Celery neck
Frozen II
Iron Bru

Escalloped hot dog
Catsup or ketchup puree
Fruit-based item
Pineapple pie
Gastric juice

Snowplow meat
Bent veggies
Pretend berries
Rinse cycle

Spaghetti bites
Garlic croissant
Mid-winter corn
Banana puree w/high fructose corn syrup
Potato water

Broccoli slammers
Peach fuzz
Candied lint balls
Nasal academy

This week’s menu is sponsored by BLOOM! (Bass Lake Ontotlogial Organization Meetup!) Why are we here and what does it mean? The real question is why aren’t You where you said you’d be by now. Think about it then send us money. Please. Or just bring a check to our next BLOOM! event. 

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