Ice-sculpting demonstration sparsely attended

By Nita Coldspell

Chainsaws were silenced Saturday, for the most part. Not pictured: Ice. [Blade Griffin/Beacon]
An ice-sculpting show Saturday at the Bass Lake High School football complex took place as planned, but drew fewer than 1.75- dozen spectators.

Officially, the event was considered a rainout, local meteorologists said.

“Ice-Carving Fest” is underwritten by Bass Lake Sidewalk Merchants, and organized by 2019 Co-Resident of the Year Emilee Van Dickinson, who wept midway through the gathering.

“I knew we shouldn’t have tried this in January,” Van Dickinson cried. “I just knew it!”

To kill time, a few sculptists practiced their trade at the nearby baseball field, carving their names into the back of a dugout.


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