Quotes of the month: January 2018

Notable quotables from the Bass Lake Beacon area, January 2018

“I remember 1965 like it was ‘Yesterday.’”
— Forrest Bunkard, mayor of Bass Lake, State of the Town address

“He was completely unconscious. That’s why he was passed out on the bench in the second half and couldn’t play anymore.
— Zeb Dreppelin, head basketball coach, Bass Lake Canoes

“(For MLK Jr. Day) many people plan lengthy trips for family gatherings, social-justice rallies and potluck-dinner discussion sessions about racial equality.”
— Christa Filker, media liaison, Michiana Highway Control

“Ice is dangerous. Luke-cold water is far more deadly.”
— Eckley Mandersfield, committee member, “Icefest” (formerly “IceFest”)

“We do this in honor of those brave pioneers. But we don’t want to honor them so much we freeze to death. That would be stupid.”
— Ursula Martimulus, president, Bass Lake Polar Bear Club

“He’s the smartest person I’ve ever know who isn’t smarter than me.”
— Not actually said by anyone this month

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