Polar Bear Club Delays Dip

People fish and sit on Bass Lake, which is frozen. 

By Max Fontaine | Beacon Dips

Bass Lake Polar Bear Club has decided to postpone the annual New Year’s Day plunge until Spring.

Citing “extreme cold and lots of ice” BLPBC leaders took the step in order to “save lives.”

“It’s just too cold,” said BLPBC president Ursula Martimulus. “People could die. Even polar bears. Plus, my chainsaw is on the fritz.”

The temperature on January 1 (one) is predicted to hover just above zero (0) degrees. The ice and underlying water will be a steady 32 degrees, as is usually the case.

Approximately eight locals participate in the tradition.

The club has held its yearly dip since 1978 when a pair of ice fisherman fell through. Not wanting to appear reckless or foolish for fishing on ice less than an inch thick, the two men claimed to be polar bears taking a refreshing swim to start the new year.

Tragically, both men died of hypothermia a year later.

“We do this in honor of those brave pioneers,” Martimulus said. “But we don’t want to honor them so much we freeze to death. That would be stupid.”

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