Former Mayor Missing After Plane Crash

By Randy Snutch | Just flew in from Toledo


Plane crash
A recent plane crash claimed the life of one person, left two others clinging to hospital beds and destroyed the house of a local soundguy and former mayor. (Photo illustration by Kevin’s Dioramas on Trout Lane)

A least one person was killed and two people were injured when a small plane crashed into the home of a former Bass Lake mayor late sometime last week, police have reported.

Although neither the injuries nor the death was life-threatening, the big news is the disappearance of former Bass Lake mayor Guy Soundguy, into whose house the plane crashed, according to Bass Lake Authority Police chief Gwen “Tug” McNabb.

As to just who was behind the controls of the plane, which McNabb described as “about the size of a small plane,” McNabb could not say.

“We think it might have been, um, I can’t pronounce his name,” McNabb said. “He’s a foreigner we think. Hawaiian, maybe. Lots of apostrophes.”

It’s unclear whether Soundguy was in the plane at the time of the crash or at home or not at home.

“No one has seen him in months,” said Skippy Jensen, singer for local cover band Local Cover Band. “I think we had a gig recently, but he wasn’t there. My vocal mic kept feeding back. It was really annoying.”

Soundguy has been the soundguy for Local Cover Band since the band’s inception sometime in the late to mid-2000s. The former mayor quit the band to become the then current mayor following his election as mayor in the 2014 mayoral race, then rejoined the band sometime after that.

Soundguy’s home in the 33 1/3  block of Long Playing Avenue was completely destroyed in the incident, which police have described as “aviation related in nature.”

“I hope we find him soon,” Jensen said. “I think we have a gig coming up next month at Funky’s on the Bayou. I’ll get back to you on that.”

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