Recipe: Simple Super-Sunday superb supper Sunday

By Laurel and Marty Princeworth | Beacon culinary contributionists

Isn’t she simply adorable? (Caution: Kitten is not part of recipe. So don’t get any crazy ideas.)

Want to create a home-run meal for your Super Bowl get-together? Slam dunk a feast on 4th and 4 inside the red zone? We’ve got you covered like a strong safety!

LII slow-cooker extravaganza
Lil’ cocktail weenies (pre-cooked, 2 or 2.45 packages)
Barbecue sauce
Wine, boxed or jugular
Chips of some kind/dip of choice
Other (see instructions below)

Instructions: Open wine. Pour into carafe, then transfer to stemware. Set aside. Pick up wine-filled stemware, consume as needed. In super-size bowl, combine weenies and barbecue sauce — liberally, yet conservatively. Pour mixture into slow-cooker. Drink wine, to taste. Plug slow-cooker cord into available outlet. Turn knob to “low.” Arrange miscellaneous chips on paper plate(s). Drive to store to purchase vegetable tray, because you forgot some of your guests prefer to not eat meat. (Maybe get some fruit, too, while you’re at it). Simmer slathered weenies in slow-cooker for a few hours, or until game begins, whichever comes first. Garnish with cheesesteak and clam chowda.
Prep time: Undetermined
Serves: At least 4, but not more than 9.

Nutrition information not available upon request. Recipe may be doubled. You do the math.

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