Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/5-2/9 2018


Connie Felger
Connie Felger (I-Dave’s house) personally donated much of this week’s lunch menu. (Photo credit Dave)

Shrimp tails w/dipping sauce
Spinach dip
Point spread
Ice nummies
Red cup swig

Meatless wings
Assorted chips
Brownie dust
Shrimp bowl water

Toasted cheese rounds
Pepper sliver
Fruit yankers
Bean dip pops

Edge sausage
Cheese of a different color
Slush puppies
Boot tray runoff

EpiPen peanut butter toast
Sprout w/salmonella
Plum tuckered out
Son of a pie
Pizza juicers

This week’s menu sponsored by council member Enos Felger (D-Dave’s house) and his wife, Connie, with thanks for Super Bowl party donations. “We can’t all be winners!”

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