Advisory: Road safety urged for MLK Jr. holiday

Max Fontaine wants nothing to do with this report | The Beacon

Be careful out there. (Similar-model car available at Autotrader — for a price).

Michiana Highway Control has issued a travel advisory for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend.

“Please be advised,” the press release begins, “to drive safely and obey all traffic laws.”

Christa Filker, media liaison at MHC, said the holiday is traditionally a “high-traffic” weekend.

“Many people plan lengthy trips for family gatherings, social-justice rallies and potluck-dinner discussion sessions about racial equality,” Filker said.

Experts say roads during the King holiday can prove treacherous, especially if covered by ice, freezing rain, sleet, snow, dead animals, mudslides or just about any other winter-weather-related factor you can imagine.

Tug McNabb, chief of Bass Lake Authority Police, was asked to comment, and agreed with the assessment.

“Yep. Road-hard and hung-up wet,” McNabb said, audaciously.

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