Driver falls asleep, car shatters tree

By Max Fontaine | Motorist Party-Foul Reporter

Not exactly like this, but something like it.

A one-vehicle crash occurred early Aug. 30, when a driver told police he fell asleep heading to work.

“He would’ve been OK, if had hadn’t been distracted by calling police to tell them he just dozed off,” said an on-duty officer.

The vehicle left the road and struck a tree, resulting in injuries to the driver and the tree. A regional botanist declared the tree dead shortly after the collision.

The driver was taken to a local emergency room, where he was refused treatment, due to a disagreement with a trauma nurse about politics.

Identity of the driver has not been verified, pending verification of his identity.

Authorities said alcohol was not a factor in the crash, although the man does “occasionally drink beer.”

The driver could face charges of leaving the scene of a roadway.

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