Town Council agenda whipped into shape

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For Jan. 15, 2018

Newest member of the Bass Lake youth advisory board. (Not allowed to speak at meetings yet).

I. Pledge of roll-call invocation allegiance

II. Review of last month’s minutes, by clerk/treasurer Olden A. Goodway

III. Unfinished/risky business

IV. Chortling among media representatives

V. Featured presentation: State-of-the-Town Address, by Mayor Forrest Bunkard

1. What did we accomplish in 2017?
2. Why didn’t we accomplish most of it?
3. Is 2018 going to be any better?
4. Is Bass Lake’s water safe to drink without filtration?
4. Compare/contrast: North Korea nuclear threat vs. discography of John Lee Hooker. Who wins in a best-of-7 series?

VI. Vape-break! (21 and older only)

VII. Public gripes

VIII. Days a Week

IX. Council member comments/Super Bowl predictions

X. All done

Last year’s State of the Town

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