Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/15-1/19 2018


The Bass Lake League of the Well-Intentioned has been attempting to serve area residents for far too long without recognition. 

No school in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Grass-fed fish sticks
Cheezie wraps
Fruit nuts
Iced cream

Bleach-free cow patty w/bun
Shoestring carrots
Rum gummies
Soda pop

Johnny Marzetti
Aromatic veggie blend
Berry incognito
Ice whammers
Juice pouch

Potato sandwich
Brussels sprouts sprouts
Banana slice
Lake water taffy
Uncle Tug’s Fluid Bag®

This week’s menu sponsored by the Bass Lake League of the Well-Intentioned.
“We may break things, but we mean well.” 


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