BLAP Beat: BL Man ‘Narcs’ on Himself


Noise ordinance quiets local man.

A Bass Lake man on Tuesday summoned police to investigate a noise “rockin'” his building.

Wayne Blistrepach, 37, of the 4 1/2 block of Sunsets Aren’t Cheap Ct., alerted Bass Lake Authority Police to the sound of a popular 1980’s rock song blaring in and around the vicinity of the duplex where he lives.

The responding officer, BLAP chief Gwen “Tug” McNab, observed a “loud but very clean” live version of the 1988 Guns N’ Roses hit “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

Upon further investigation, chief McNabb discovered the music originated in Blistrepach’s 2nd-floor apartment.

When questioned, Blistrepach told chief McNabb that he’d gotten a new stereo for Christmas and was just trying it out. Asked why he had called police on his own music he said he was upset that no one had complained yet about how loud his stereo is and that he wanted the “losers” on the first floor to know what “real jammin'” sounds like.

After speaking with the owner of the duplex, who happened to be at the property to repair a toilet, McNabb informed Blistrepach that the downstairs unit had been vacant since the day after Christmas.

Blistrepach was given a citation and told to keep it down and not call police in the future unless there is an emergency.



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