Quotes of Month: July 2017

Maintenance strike ends (Hole-isticus)

Notable quotables from the Bass Lake Beacon area, July 2017

That change helped us focus on the patient. We used to be concerned mostly with getting off early on Fridays. Not anymore.” — Margo DeLathridge, spokesperson, Regional Corporate Hospital

“Just between you and me, stars are not visible during daylight hours of the day. Or is it just between you and I? Hell, I can’t remember. I’m a scientist, not an English teacher.” Dr. Clem Galileo, professor of space and sky science, Bass Lake University

“I lost the front end of my Honda Civic in a hole the size of Nebraska. Literally, it was that big.” Forrest Bunkard, mayor of Bass Lake

“When crime happens, it’s intentionally non-accidental almost all the time.” — Gwen “Tug” McNabb, chief, Bass Lake Authority Police

“What are these hippies gonna do next? Organize sit-ins? Burn brassieres and draft cards? Hold a free, three-day festival of peace, love and music, featuring some of the hottest rock ’n’ roll acts of the day? This has gotta stop.” Arnold Eagran, 71 (ret.)

Clean as a whistle. At least, clean as a whistle that hasn’t been spat into.” — Steven Cattens, educator and lake-science spokesman, Michiana Department of Natural Resources Extension Service

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